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How do I get a traffic ticket dismissed from an identity thief?

San Ramon, CA |

Someone used my Id, which I lost in arizona, and used it in ca. Racked up 5 tickets, in which my insurance company does'nt know. but dmv does. I have a court appearance tomorrow, and I have filed a claim of false ID w/ the court, but i've only been dismissed one two counts. How do I get the other three dismissed? I can't find rulings for a dismissal motion?

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Cal. Penal Code sec. 530.6 provides that you can petition the court for a certification of "identity theft." The link below is to the California Judicial Council forms. Review the Criminal Forms, CR-150 and CR-151. You will also need to work with the police or sheriff and/or your local district attorney to file the petition and get a court to issue the certificate. You can then use a certified copy of this certification to present to the authorities in the other ticket cases to show that you were not the driver.

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