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How do I get a judgment lien with my California judgment against the defendant’s real property in Nevada?

Las Vegas, NV |

I have a California abstract of judgment for $25,000.00. I believe the defendant now owns property in Las Vegas. How do I get a judgment lien against the property in Las Vegas? Also, how can I be sure the last Vegas property owner is the same person as the defendant in my case?

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    Brent is absolutely right. You register the foreign judgment in Nevada and then once Nevada accepts it, you record your Nevada judgment with the county recorder's office. Usually costs less than $25, depending on the number of pages involved. Hope this perspective helps!

  2. More than likely you need to domesticate your judgment in NV and then file the lien.

  3. You have to go through a process called "domesticating the judgment" in Nevada. Not terribly difficult to do...just filing out some forms, paying a filing fee, and sending notices. Once the judgment is accepted (domesticated in NV), then you can file a lien at the county recorders office.

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