How do I get a judgement against a previous tenant for unpaid rent on a signed lease agreement?

I have a signed breached lease agreement where the tenant owes me over $800.00 in unpaid rent and late fees and want to know how I go about getting a judgement against them and then a wage garnishment to collect my monies in the state of Arizona. I live in the city of Chandler and the house was rented in the city of Phoenix. Please advise and thanks for your help!

Chandler, AZ -

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Anne Brady

Anne Brady

Litigation Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

You will want to sue this person in Justice Court in Phoenix. Which justice court you choose will be based on where the property is. The justice court clerks will be very helpful and get you the forms you need or go to Once you have the judgment, you can also get packets of forms from the justice court for doing a wage garnishment. The forms you will need are available from the justice courts, over their Web site or at

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