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How do I get a copy of my file? The attorney who represented me I called his office to get my file but no response . what can I

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What can I do? I don't owe this attorney any money and I want a copy of my file how do I get a copy of my file from this attorney?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Try Certified letter.

  2. If the file includes documents filed with the clerk, you may obtain a copy of your court file which will contain those documents. There will be the costs of photocopying.

    However, the court file will not contain correspondence or "work product".

    I agree with counsel about sending a letter and setting a deadline--say, 10 days.

    To find out if an attorney is in good standing, you should visit the website

    Look under "Lawyer Search"

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  3. If your former attorney fails to respond to your phone calls, I would send a letter to the attorney by certified mail, return receipt requested, requesting a copy of your file within 30 days. If the attorney fails to respond to your letter, you have proof of the attorney's receipt and can then file a complaint with the attorney disciplinary commission. If any of the documents you are seeking are in a courthouse file or have been recorded, you can also get copies of those documents from the circuit clerk or recorder's office.

  4. In addition to the answers you have been provided, if you can visit the office that may produce better results than phone calls. If the attorney is not in, tell the receptionist you will wait or will return later in the week. Schedule an appointment if they will do so.

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