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How do I get a citation I received for illegal window tint on a truck I bought from a dealership expunged immediately?

Newport Beach, CA |

My windows were down when I got pulled over so the officer did even see how dark my windows were. Plus the tint was on the truck when I bought it and had never been stopped before for it by any police officers who've seen me driving on the street.

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  1. Window tinting is an interesting issue. In California, after market tinting is typically a problem. If the tint on the window is factory original, it may be that there is not any type of violation. You may be able to take your truck to an inspection station to have them verify that there is nothing wrong with it. If your issue is whether the officer had lawful reason to stop you based on the tint, then you should consult an attorney in your area who can take a look and advise you regarding the lawfulness of the stop. If the tint is after market and too dark, but both of your windows were down and not visible to show a tint and there is a patrol car video showing there was no way for the officer to see the tint, then you may also have a reason to challenge the lawfulness of the stop. This issue is similar to front license plates or a tow hitch that may block part of the rear license plate. If you were only cited for an infraction, there is no expungement available, just a dismissal.

  2. Car tint violations are fix it tickets. They carry no points. The real question is was it original tinting that came with the new car. If so, you can get this signed off at any police agency and bring the signed off citation to clerk's office. If it was after market tinting -then you could have a problem. You could challenge the stop- but is it worth it? You will get cited again if your tint is bad.

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