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How do i fire my appointed lawyer?

Denver, CO |

my appointed lawyer has not done anything ive requested of him and is dooing a horrible job at defending me. no pretrial motions have been filed and my trial is set. how do i get a new lawyer? i dont have any money being as ive recently been released from jail. do i file a motion or write a letter to the judge? HELP

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  1. Your best bet would be to schedule an appointment with your attorney and talk to him / her about your concerns. Judges have a tendency to get upset with defendants who write them letters behind their attorney's back. Most of the time your concerns can be reduced if you take the time to talk to your lawyer.

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  2. Honestly you are unlikely to get a new lawyer. I've watched more attempts to fire public defenders than I can count. The vast majority of times the court is going to give you the option of staying with the attorney you just tried to fire and who you essentially called incompetent because the court very frequently finds no conflict or for you to represent yourself if you can't hire your own attorney. You can submit your request to the court or through your attorney. Anything you personally put in that letter motion can be potentially damning for you. So be aware. If you truly want a new lawyer, your best bet is borrowing/selling/doing whatever you can to hire an attorney. But, I get that is impossible for some just like getting a new attorney is impossible for some. If hiring someone is truly not an option, you should consider trying to mend bridges with your attorney before calling him incompetent in open court.

    Regardless, best of luck to you.

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  3. My colleagues are absolutely correct. If you have ADC counsel, that means that there is a conflict with the Public Defender. You do not have the right to counsel of your choice and most ADC attorneys do a pretty good job in CO. Sometimes there is no basis in filing pretrial motions. You likely simply will not get another court-appointed attorney. You will either need to work out your differences with your attorney or represent yourself. Sorry.

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  4. I agree with comments listed above. As an attorney that accepts court appointments, I frequently come across this issue. If your current counsel is a public defender, the first step is to try communication. If that doesn't work, the only way to get another court appointed attorney (i.e. ADC) is if your current attorney believes there is a conflict of interest. Otherwise, if you try to fire your court appointed counsel, you run the risk of having to represent yourself. I don't know what your case is about but I strongly feel that you would be making a terrible mistake if you represent yourself.

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