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How do I find specific info on Lincoln benefits life insurance policy from 1969? Allstate reports inability to locate original?

Silver Spring, MD |

Dad died in GA in 1994. Just received a letter addressed to his estate last month and was told this policy is supposed to "pay out whatever was put into it". They say the pay out is just under $5000. I'd like to know what was actually paid in, should it reflect inflation, and without the original document, how do they know the specifics of the policy? I was told that a search for the documents has been exhausted and the policy was created when my dad was 18 in 1969.

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  1. Insurance proceeds that have never been paid out is a common issue. Each state has laws governing this issue, and the law that would be applicable in your situation could either be Georgia, where your father resided when he died, or possibly Maryland if you were the named beneficiary and resided in Maryland when your father died. Insurance companies are required by law to make a diligent attempt to locate named beneficiaries to pay out death benefits. There are heavy penalties and interest charged by some states when they fail to do so. After a period of time, if no beneficiary can be found, the insurer is required to pay the insurance proceeds over to the State's unclaimed property division. Then, as provided for in the state law, the person entitled to the proceeds may file a claim to get the money returned to them. If the insurance company failed to turn over the proceeds as required by law for unclaimed property, then you may be able to get the assistance of the state agency to go after the insurance company for you. in Maryland, the contact info for the Unclaimed Property Unit can be found here:
    For Georgia, go here:

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