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How do I find out what was in a will of deceased family member, privately?

Petal, MS |

My elderly cousin died in 2009. My other cousin was the executor. My elderly cousin promised several family members things of personal and monetary value during the last few years of her life. We have not received them, and the cousin has not mentioned a thing of them. Can we find out what her Last Will said without involving the cousin? We don't want to offend her, but want to know what happened to our family member's things that were to be passed on to us or our children.

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If an estate was opened a copy of the will was filed in the probate court in the county where your cousin resided at her death. You should be able to view a copy of the will by going to the courthouse.

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If there was a probate, the will would have been filed with the court and is a matter of public record. If the probate is still open, there might be a way, as a beneficiary, to request an accounting of your cousin's actions as executor.

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The other attorneys are correct that you should be able to obtain a copy of the will and perhaps an inventory from the probate office in the county where she died. I am not sure about MS law but to my knowledge because this is public information the executor would not know you requested the records. If you need a more formal accounting you would of course have to involve the executor.

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