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How do i find out if there is a bench warrant for me?

Miami, FL |

I want to get an ID but I dont know if theres a warrant for my arrest for unpaid traffic tickets...a bench warrant. i cant afford to pay to get my records. Where can i go for that info for free?

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You can call that law enforcement agency that would have the bench warrant issued. They don't know who is calling for this could be an attorney or a friend or parent. They will tell you.

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no they won't tell a parent. I tried it.. it has to be the person with the possible warrant. You can only inquire about yourself.


You can check the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's website to determine if there is an active warrant.

Please note, that this website will not reveal warrants less than 90 days old for person's who have not yet been arrested.

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I agree with the previous posts. You might also be able to see if a capias has been issued if you can find the court minutes on the clerks page. Some counties have better information available then others. Some jurisdictions just issue a D-6 suspension on your license for failing to appear. You have to resolve the ticket and pay an additional fine (the cases I've had varied from $7-$36 per ticket).You might also be able to call the clerk but the sheriff's office would be best. Criminal traffic tickets would likely have a warrant but speeding tickets and civil traffic tickets often have a D-6 suspension in my practice area. If you do have a warrant you might want to ask if it is county, state or nation wide.

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As other posters have stated you have several options. First, you can call the local law enforcement agency that would have likely received your warrant/capias (i.e. the county where you got your traffic tickets). Second, you could check online with the clerk of court of your county (most counties have this set up, except for more rural areas of Florida) and run a search for your name. Lastly, I have never done this, but you can check FDLE's website. Good luck.

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