How do I find out if I am divorced? I have not had any contact from my spouse in 40 years and I want to remarry.

Asked over 1 year ago - Washington, DC

I was married in Puerto Rico to a military person I left and have not contacted him since. Not sure if he has ever filed for divorce.

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  1. Reid A Seino

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    Answered . You can try to contact an attorney on Puerto Rico to see if they can access the information electronically. If there is a record of a divorce, you can then go off and get married without any problem. If is not a record of a divorce, though, you can contact an attorney in DC and see about filing for a divorce. Service may be an issue but your attorney would be able to help you there.

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  2. Kent Rackett


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    Answered . We should be able to track him down, get his consent and file for Divorce in DC - if he has not already done so...

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