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How do I find out I am in deportation list ?

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just clear answer please

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If you have been in deportation proceedings you can call 1-800-898-7180 and type in your A number to see the results.

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Here is your clear answer - there is no deportation list.

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Once again, Mr. Segal hit the nail succinctly on the head.

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This is a very unclear question, even if it seems so. If you have an alien number, then the 800 number may help. If someone told you something to scare you, then that may be a bluff. However, I strongly recommend an appointment or teleconference with a competent and experienced immigration attorney who can take the time to investigate and answer your question.

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The grounds of deportability can be found in Section 237 of the I.N.A.

They apply to anyone already legally living within the United States, perhaps with a nonimmigrant (temporary) visa or a green card (lawful permanent residence). The law also mentions that people who are in the U.S. without legal permission shall be deported.

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File a Freedom of Information Act request -- Form G-639 with CBP or USCIS or EOIR; send a letter if the matter was before the Department of State.

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I agree with my colleagues Mr. Cornal, Mr. Segal, & Mr. Davidson. First, there is no Deportation List. If you have been given and alien number and your Master Calendar Hearing is already on the docket, then yes, the 1-800 number will give you your next hearing date. Otherwise, you could be in removal without a hearing date yet depending on your circumstances. You could be subject to removal based on a denial of an immigration benefit application. There are many factors to answering your question which you would need to provide, in private, in consult, with an experienced immigration attorney. If you do not wish to do that, I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do for you here since again, there is no "list."

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