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How do I find out how to just serve jail time. And how much will I have to serve.

Caldwell, ID |

First offense possession of marijuana charge.
365 days 325 suspended 30 days description to probation officer.
2days of s.i.l.d in lieu of 10days jail.
300 dollar fine.
Mrt classes.
2years superised probation.
Sentenced February 16th. 2012
S.i.l.d & Mrt completed. Up to date on probation fees. 102$ left on court fine.
I can't handle the stress of probation.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. What is it about your probation that is stressing you out? Are you having financial stressors? If so I would go and speak to your probation officer about it. I know they may seem unsympathetic to your situation, but their job is to see you succeed on probation. If there is something holding you back from success then you should speak to your probation officer about the problems. The reason most people are violated on probation is because they fail to communicate effectively with their probation officer.

    If you fail on your probation then the State will file a Motion for Probation Violation. You can explain to the judge that you would prefer to simply serve a jail sentence and have your case commuted. You would then argue your case to the judge as to how much time to serve. You will face up to the entire sentence (minus credit for time served).

  2. Contact your attorney!

    I am a criminal defense attorney practicing in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City. The above information is not a substitution for a meeting whereas all potential legal issues can be discussed.

  3. Both answers already given tell you something clearly: Communicate with either your lawyer or your PO about your situation!

    I recommend that you start with your lawyer, but don't fail on a program that is designed for you to succeed because you refuse to communicate.

    Also, have you served time in jail before? If not, you need to give a lot of thought to the effects on your life and your mental health of going to jail versus serving probation. You WILL be stressed in jail if you are stressed on probation, so think wisely. Also, consider seeing a mental heaIth professional. Everybody goes through hard times and professionals are there to help you to learn how to cope with the stress.

    I wish you the best.

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