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How do I find out details of an order made in my divorce case?

Winsted, CT |

It wasn't showing up last week but it is now. Only shows an 'order' , the date, and I think it was made by the court because the letter 'C' next to it. Called the clerks office, was told I could go there and look through the file in my case. Is that really the only way to find out? I am not doubting what they told me, but maybe I didn't ask the right question? I don't have an attorney, the other side does, wasn't told or sent anything.

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Without an attorney, you can go to court or ask the other side for a copy (if you trust them).


I recommend that you go to the Judicial District Court and ask for a copy of the order. You want to make sure to have copies of this in your files. You don't want to rely on simply a phone call to the clerk or to the lawyer on the opposing side. I strongly suggest you speak with a CT family attorney about this matter.

Disclaimer: This is a general answer to a general question and does not constitute legal advice under Connecticut law or rules of practice for Connecticut attorneys.


I agree with Atty Arias. Take the trip and go to the court and look at your file.

This brings up another point. If you did not get a copy of the court ruling and you do not have an atty, it suggests to me that you did not file an appearance in your own behalf. If you did, then the clerk's office would have mailed you a copy of the order. Also, if you filed an appearance, the other atty is required by the rules of practice to send you a copy of everything he/she files in court in your case. If you have not filed an appearance, you should file one immediately. The clerk's office has them if you go get a copy of the order. If not, you can go on the judicial website and find the form for it ( Just remember, you are also held to the same standard. You have to send the other side copies of everything you send to the court.

While it is possible to represent yourself in legal matters, including a divorce, sometimes it is well worth the money to hire an attorney.

Note: This response DOES NOT constitute legal advice and therefore no specific action should be taken in reliance thereon. No attorney-client relationship is created through this response. You should speak to an licensed attorney in your state who is competent to answer your question before taking any action with regard to this question.


You are correct that the"C" next to the order means the order comes from the court. Typically, from the time an order is entered until the time you receive it in the mail can be a few days due to the Judicial Branch's computer system. Aside from receiving the order in the mail the only way to get it is to go to the clerk's office because generally the clerk's are not allowed to read orders over the phone to anyone. Therefore, if the order was just entered by the court you may want to wait a couple of days to see if it turns up in the mail or if it has been more than a few days or you want to see the order immediately then you should go to the court to look at the file.

The answer being provided should not be constituted as legal advice and/or the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. It is being given for informational purposes only and you should consult with a lawyer before choosing to act or not act based upon the information.


You really do need to go to the court to get a copy. You may have to pay a fee if you want a certified copy but there should be no cost for a plain copy. If you do not have a lawyer I agree that it would make sense for you to file an appearance i the case. That way you will always get copies of anything filed and notice of any hearings. You can also ask a lawyer to spend a few minutes reviewing the order if it is problematic. There are always time deadlines so you should not wait.

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