How do I find any hidden assets?

How can I find out my soon to be ex-husband's hidden asset if he is dishonest? Do I have to use investigator? Also I heard I can ask to return the expenses including dinners and gifts he spent for his girlfriend from our community assets during the marriage. How can I calculate the expense? Should I obtain his credit card statements?

San Francisco, CA -

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Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Family Law Attorney - Newport Beach, CA

You can do a Request for Production of Documents and go back five years. He must produce because of the laws of Transparency. I would recommend a forensic accountant look at his documents to determine money spent on girlfriends and determine whether there is a trail to follow hidden assets.

Joseph Torri

Joseph Torri

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Newport Beach, CA

I agree with my colleague. Handling these legal matters on your own is difficult and stressful. You should contact some local attorneys and select one that you feel comfortable with.

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