How do I find a past or pending lawsuit??

Asked about 1 year ago - Florence, KY

Is there a website accessible to the public that will show me any past lawsuits or pending lawsuits against a company?

I am interested in forming a class action suit against a former employer. At least 6-7 other individuals have contacted me who have expressed interest in joining. We all live in different states. If we can find an attorney who has filed against this company before, or if we can join in on a pending case. We all have the same complaint. I found one pending lawsuit against this company by doing a Google search. I tried to join but that case was for those who were employed by this company in a particular state only.

I have no access to Westlaw or LexisNexis. Is there a more reliable, and

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  1. Brian Kenneth Dinicola

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    Answered . Go to and get yourself an account. There will be a bit of a learning curve but you dont need to be a lawyer to search using it, reporters do it all the time....

  2. Bruce E. Burdick


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    Answered . The thing to do is to see a local attorney for a free consult. The attorney will have access to databases that can locate this information. That is by far the preferred approach, as the attorney can also give you a feel for whether you have a case or not.

    The next option, much less desirable, would be to check with a librarian, law professor, or law student at the closest law school and offer to pay a few hundred dollars for them to search out this information for you. Law schools are teaching law students how to search cases, so the ability to find the information and access to the databases is readily available there.

    Google Scholar/legal documents will sometimes find the information for you.

    You might check here on Avvo under Find A Lawyer and see if an attorney lists some class action cases of your type.

    You might call the lawyer in the case you found and ask for a referral to a lawyer. Perhaps that lawyer is receiving and referring similar cases to out of state attorneys (commonly done in return for referral fees).

    good luck.

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  3. Eric Lechtzin

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    Answered . It would be much easier (and more effective) to look for a lawyer who is experienced in handling employment related class actions. My firm has an entire department that handles employment related class actions and many other firms do as well. If your employer is a large national company, then you should seek out they best law firm you can find that handles this type of case -- not look for the needle in a haystack lawyer who sued this company before, and may not have achieved a particularly good result.

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  4. Daniel Nathan Ballard

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    Answered . Visit to search for past and present lawsuits filed in the federal courts.

    I know of no free search tool to locate lawsuits filed in our 50 state court systems. The courts in many large counties, however, have their own internet-searchable court docket. The one for Sacramento is linked-to below.

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