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How do I fill out an emergency motion for child pick up order?

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I am in desperate need of help. My child's father has been keeping my child from me for three months. He didn't allow our child to return and finish her school year. There has been domestic violence in the past. My child is very unhappy and is crying to come home. My child is also being severely alienated. Is there a lawyer who would assist me in filling it out an emergency motion for child pick up order on a sliding scale/pro bono? I am unsure how to fill out number 7 which states, "Advance notice of this motion to the individual named in paragraph 2 should not be required

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Shoot me your contact information to and I'll review it with you tomorrow. I will work with you so that you can afford it one way or another. I'm assuming that there is already an order or final judgment in effect that governs your time-sharing of the child with the father. If that is the case, if possible, scan and email it to me as well as any other related documentation. If you do not have a scanner, some of the copy places have them and you can pay to use them, etc. Just find one first that will let you scan before driving to it. I'll be back working tomorrow fairly early so I will contact you if you wish to discuss this further.

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You should have a lawyer handle this but if you just want the form reviewed then I can assist you with that too.

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Usually that sentence is completed with facts that show that he has threatened to do something, but it depends upon the facts of your case, he has willfully violated the court order by keeping the child from you.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239

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