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How do I file Theft of Services charges against a client who says he will pay then doesn't?

Fort Worth, TX |

I have a client who I have provided services for over the past 4 months. He started out paying me, then stopped. He still scheduled hours of work for me and told me he would pay - now will not return my calls or emails. He also put a hold on his mail on Dec 13th - but still emailed me to come to his home to pick up a check. There was no check and he was not home. He has since stopped returning my calls.

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Theft of services is something that you would need to contact the district attorney's office or the county attorney's office. Each one will have a division that deals with these types of matters. They may tell you that this is a civil matter and that you need to consider filing a civil suit. The Tarrant County DA's office has some very helpful people. I would start by giving them a call and seeing if you can file a report. Depending upon the value of the services provided, they may refer you to the county attorney's offices. Best of luck to you.

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