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How do I file for a no-fault, uncontested divorce in NC, Cabarrus County without using a lawyer?

Concord, NC |
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spouses have no issues to resolve. Just want to file for a no contest divorce in Cabarrus county. but cant seem to find any hel w/o using a lawyer.

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If your county has a self-help divorce packet, that is a great place to start, call your county clerk's office and find out. Even if they don't have a "packet" if you go to the clerk's office they may have templates that you can use and instruction sheets. You must follow all the steps precisely, make all the necessary filings, service, etc. but a person can file their own divorce, it is just the amount of time and effort that it takes for you to do it is great compared to an attorney who has done it several if not hundreds of times. Often times people are better off just having a lawyer do it for them,and most will file it for a reasonable flat fee, but keep in mind court costs alone are $225 for divorce filing and $20 motion fee.

In addition, there are certain rights that may be waived once divorce judgment is entered so it may be wise to at least speak with an attorney (those are rights related to alimony and property settlement---but if no property and no alimony then maybe not an issue.

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You wouldn't perform surgery on yourself if you didn't know what you are doing, so why do you think its OK to do your own legal work when you don't know what you're doing? There are firms that do uncontested divorce for flat rate fees of $400 or less which includes everything meaning the attorney fee is usually around $100 or less. If you do it yourself assuming you get it right, you will most likely spend more than that once you factor in the multiple trips to the court house that you will need to make. I see Pro Se's turned away routinely because they didn't do something properly. Eventually, they figure it out after investing way more time and money than if they just would have retained the right attorney in the first place. When you think about it, its really kinda sad because all they wanted to do was save a little money and they weren't aware of the law firms that have low flat rate fees.

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I agree with the above attorneys' advice

the information provided above is for information purposes only and you should consult an attorney for specific answers to your case

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