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How do I file Criminal Fraud Charges against someone/business? Can you recommend a lawyer?

Clarksville, TN |

This person filed for Ch 11 Bankruptcy and the Trustee has failed to ackowledge our claim or the fact that the bank he is personally invovlved with is still letting him steal money from us daily? The Bankuptcy has been in progress now for 12 months, I paid one lawyer who said he could handle the case , now says he can not and the lawyer he advised us to says he has tried to contact the Trustee and the Trustee has not responded. The bank has denied us information onthe checking account/ checking transactions on the $950,000,00 note we have together and this person is still receiving all income from the rental property,this person also frauded title paperwork and sold our property as his, and the bank in question allowed him to do this, we live in a very small town he owns.

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Unresponsive bankruptcy trustees are the norm not the exception. Your attorney should know that he or she needs to go up the food chain and complain to the chief trustee for the district and the local US deputy Attorney General's office.

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