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How do I file a motion for time served for a ticket

Dallas, TX |

I have a public 3 intox tickets that i spent enough time in jail for time served. 2 of them i went to court on and got time served on them in 2010. I found out yesterday they bdont have any record on file of me being there in 2010. The last one was in november 2011 All three are in warrant status and all I need to do is file a motion in Dallas county

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No, you probably need to do more than just say that you served your time and that they should be dismissed. You need to appear in court, subject yourself to the jurisdiction and authority of the court and let the court decide that that time served is appropriate, that you've met thae requirements and have paid your debt to society of these cases. Contact the court(s) and see what their FTA procedure is so you can appear and resolve these 3 cases.

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You really did not give enough information to obtain an answer specific to your situation.

In general, in order to receive jail credit for an offense you must have an active warrant and hold on you for the offenses at the time that you go to jail.

To resolve this issue:

First, go to the records department for the jail that you were incarcerated in.
Second, set up a court date.
Third, if you want time served enter a plea of guilty.
Finally, request time served and show your proof of being booked into jail.

Please note, if the ticket was for a municipal court each individual municipal court determines how much money they want to take off of the fine amount of a ticket in exchange for the time you spent in jail. For example, if the city of dallas gives $150 per day credit for traffic tickets and you were in jail for 2 days that is $300 off the ticket. But, if the fine amount on the ticket is $450-$350 jail credit you would still owe the city $150.

This information is for educational purposes only. This does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

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