How do I file a lawsuit against the child support division of Florida And Florida for ruining my credit for long going error??

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Child support originated in Alaska where child was, I lived in Florida so Florida was enforcing the order for alaska but somehow ended up oweing Florida more than Alaska and they even reported it on my credit report while Alaska also did so ... so on my credit report it appears as if I have TWO Children,, I DO NOT... Florida froze my bank account twice..first time , they took 700 because the said they would fix the error and the money would go toward the balance in Alaska. I have seen no evidence of this. They failed to fix it resulting IN MY OTHER ACCOUNT BEING FROZE FOR OVER A MONTH causing HARDSHIP AND MORE CREDIT FLAWS!!! I WANT JUSTICE FOR THEIR MISTAKES I HAD TO SUFFER. I SURVIVE FULLY ON MY VETERANS CHECK BECAUSE I AM 100% service connected DISABLED VETERAN.!!! Thank you so Much

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    Answered . Can you sue? Sure. Will you win? Not likely. Government agencies tend to be insulted from liability, for the most part, not the least of which is because, if they didn't, everyone who was unhappy with their personal situations would sue them. You haven't stated any facts which are grounds for a lawsuit.

    It sounds like you just ought to call them, pay them, and get a letter clearing it up which you can send to the credit reporting agencies. It doesn't sound like you're suffering from anything they've done. It sound like you're just unhappy about a lot of things. Don't take it out on an agency which, overall, does good work and is overworked.

    If they made a mistake, call them and correct it.

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