How do I file a do it yourself divorce in Marshall county Alabama? What are the forms I need? what are the instructions?

I have contected the court and they told me the forms are online. I found a bunch of forms and need to no what forms I need and the instuctions.

Guntersville, AL -

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Daniel Seth Williams

Daniel Seth Williams

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Pacific Grove, CA

If you are having difficulty with the online access, go to the Court and see if there is a self-help desk that can help you complete them. Most Courts have such services.

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Atousa Saei

Atousa Saei

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

I agree with my colleague. Contacting the self help desk in your local court house would help you organize and prioritize your filings. If you are still having trouble with the papers, I would seriously consider consulting with an experienced local attorney face to face. If nothing else, you will most likely have greater understanding of your rights and how to proceed in your case. Good luck.

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