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How do i file a complaint against an ex employer or sue them for wages promised.

Robert Lee, TX |

I worked for a machine shop in midland, tx for 2 weeks..My uncle was my supervisor and we got in to an argument and we decided it would be better that i didnt work there anymore...He also stated that he was gonna pay me $8 per hour instead of the promised $10 per hour as a form of punishment...I need to know how to file a complaint against the company for not paying me my full pay...and is there a way for me to recover the pay I was promised..I did a good job there and the argument happened outside of work over personal issues between me and my uncle...not me and the company...please help me figure out what my rights are.

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You can file a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission under the Texas payday laws. I encourage you to call the Texas Workforce Commission. They should be able to help you through the process very easily.

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