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How do I fight a suspended license when I was the victim of identity theft?

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My license was suspended due to a ticket issued to someone (possibly a family memeber) who used my name and SS# when pulled over and issued a ticket for a cracked windshield and M.I. license (?). This person who essentially stole my indentity did not pay the fines or show up to court (obviously), so now my license is suspended. Unfortunately I got pulled over for speeding (14 miles over posted) and now I have a ticket for driving on a suspended license, in addition to the speeding ticket. Do I have any defense?? I am already pursuing an identity hearing but I am afraid that my word against the officer's may not be good enough because the ticket was issued 2 years ago, the officer may not remember well enough to say that it wasn't me??? please help!

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You are taking a chance by relying on the officer's memory from 2 years and thousands of tickets ago. You need to put on credible alibi evidence that you were not at the scene at the time the ticket was written. Go over your on-line or paper calendars, check receipts, and your friends for some proof that you were not the person ticketed because you were somewhere else at the time.

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