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How do I evict an adult child living in my house with me that I want out. He has never paid rent and is not had a job in a year.

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I am from Pgh,PA My son will be 26 in February. He came back to stay with me last Jan 2011 and was to get a job and help with his cost of living here. I would say out of the 12 months he has helped 4 months if that. I need to know how to get him out he is refusing to leave. Does this fall under implied month to month since he has been here for a year. I locked him out before and he busted my door down to get back in. I would rather not get the police involved, but I will go to the magistrate if need be.
Ty for your advice

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I would have suggested that you merely change the locks and if he breaks in, call the police.

Of course, you can go to a district justice and file an eviction Complaint. In the end, however, once you obtain an eviction notice, which is nothing but a piece of paper ordering your son out of your home, your son may still refuse to leave. In this event you will need to contact the sheriff to have him forcibly removed.

In either case, it appears you will need the authorities to have your son removed from the home.

I know as a mother this will be difficult, but I suggest you cut to the chase, change the locks and let him know you will call the police if he returns. Good Luck.

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