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How do I easily find a lawyer to take my Personal Injury Case. It is a rear end accident where I was a passenger with Preexist?

Poway, CA |

It takes a lot of time to interview and be interviewed. The case has a number of issues and has progressed from a badly done complaint by a paralegal to a long time frame and is out of my local area. The insurance company is unyielding and wants to take me to trial as a pro-per or force to accept a BELOW COSTS offer. Also, with the preexisting conditions and a second accident, I can see the trepidation on the attorney's part, but would like an opportunity to get it resolved rather than yield to what I NOW UNDERSTAND is typical tactics and guess generally works, I'm guessing because they know that counsel will be difficult or impossible to find? Any suggestions, solutions or attorneys available?

WOW thanks for some great answers and help. Is anyone willing to do what Robert Kopelson recommended and then distribute it on a large scale to find SOMEONE willing to take the case and help out? I can probably gather a few bucks to do that. Reputable lawyers say this is worth 12K to 25K which makes it financially not a good thing from a lawyer's perspective. They have done a CCP998 and repeatedly offered $4,300 BELOW COSTS - but someone should be able to win an award above that in trial on a rear end accident? I would hope that there are or can be ways to ARGUE and WIN LEGAL fees at some point and NOW seems like a good time as opposing lawyer for defendant is asking for sanctions and legal fees and costs, so fair would be to OPPOSE MOTION and file counter MOTIONS to get a RULING FOR COSTS NOW as to the unfairness of the case in Pro Per - I can and do talk forever on this unfortunately. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE - ALLSNAKE is in the HOUSE!!

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  1. Use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" feature and you can get an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area to help you.

  2. Based upon what you have posted, it may be challenging to find counsel to take the case to trial. The best thing is to organize the file, so an atty can quickly and easily review it. Liability, property damage, injuries and treatment records, pre accident conditions with records, medical bills/ EOBs showing what was billed and what was paid on the bills, wage loss verification, pleadings, discovery from deft, discovery to deft, depo transcript, defense med report if any, list of any scheduled court dates or other deadlines. You should find someone who handles personal injury cases, not a general practice lawyer. Look up the members of the county trial lawyers for the county in which the case is pending.

  3. Just tell us what happened. Maybe you have a good case, maybe not. I've tried cases that were as difficult as yours sounds and have gotten good results, but I'd need to know more.

    What are the injuries? What was preexisting? Why is the offer so low? Did you *ever* have a lawyer or just a paralegal who drafted a complaint?

  4. Listen carefully to the attorney you hired to represent you or with whom you interview. You say "It takes a lot of time to interview and be interviewed". If the case is not worth your time and effort it seems the matter may not have merit.

    The responses here are not intended as legal advice. Do not rely upon the responses herein. Consult an attorney. Strict time limits apply and failure to act within those time limits will result in a complete loss of all rights to seek legal redress.

  5. You have come to the right site. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to locate a top-rated Avvo attorney in your city with a low contingency fee. Good luck.

  6. There's really no easy way to find a lawyer because it takes time to find someone you can trust and someone that is "all in" on your specific case. It sounds like a lot of work has been done already which can be to a lawyers disadvantage. I am assuming that referral services and personal referrals have been exhausted. Contact your local Lawyer referral service and get as many PI referrals as you can and shop your case. I am confident you will know who the best lawyer for you is after a few interviews. The best of luck to you.

  7. Call LRIS. Its the San Diego Lawyer referral service. You tell them your story once. They send out your contact information to qualified trial lawyers and they call you if they are interested.
    I have tried and won difficult cases with subsequent accidents/injuries and pre-existing conditions but without more details I am unable to decide whether I am able to help you or not.

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