How do I divorce a man living in Great Britain who was never given ANY form of citizenship here? Can I get it annulled?

Met him online. He came for a week, we got married. We never applied for his right to come over permanently once married due to the fees involved. After approx. 4 mos. of marriage, he simply disappeared. Deleted me from any possible form of communication (Skype, Facebook, not answering phone, etc). He was wiring $500 into my account every other week to help sustain me. Obviously when he decided to disappear, the money did as well. Now I'm in a complete financial devastation. Anyway, what are my options? If divorce is my only option, how do I do that when he doesn't live here? Or is annullment an option? We never consemated the marriage and I think he may have been using me to get into to country. What is the fastest way to do this?

Moreno Valley, CA -

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Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

Immigration Attorney - San Francisco, CA

This is not an immigration issue. It does not matter whether your husband ever resided in the U.S. or had any status for getting a divorce. You need to talk to a family lawyer who handles divorces.

C. C. Abbott

C. C. Abbott

Immigration Attorney - Fort Myers, FL

I agree with Attorney Schmidt. You need to contact a family / divorce law attorney who is licensed to practice family law in in the state you reside (CA) to determine the best options. Good luck

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