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How do I dispute my car being towed in front of my house for having two flat front tires?

Philadelphia, PA |

Philly parking authority claimed the car was a hazard or abandoned because it has been parked in the same spot even though the car has proper paper work. The car does not have any damage or leaks.

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    I would suggest you check the ordinances of the City of Philadelphia concerning the regulations on street parking. Most municipalities have ordinances concerning length of time car may continuously be parked on a public street in one spot. If the car was currently licensed and inspected, it is not considered to be abandoned, either on public or private property.

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  2. You don't - a vehicle with 2 flat tires left on the street is an automatic tow situation. You have no basis for denying the towing charges unless it had JUST happened and you were actively getting the repairs done at that time. It sounds like the car was just sitting there, which means you owe for the tow.

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