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How do i collect unclaimed money discogvered after my mom passed away

San Bernardino, CA |

my mom passed away like 6 years ago cently got in the mail wing that there is a unclaimed bank account with 11,000 in it i am the only living memer of the family there4 was never probate done how do i go about collecting this

Attorney Answers 4

  1. If the estate is worth less than $150,000 (sounds like it is, if $11,000 bank account is the only asset), then you can file a small estate affidavit under California Probate Section 13100 (and following sections). Contact an attorney to prepare the affidavit (you'll also need a death certificate, and some other documents).

  2. You could probably file an affidavit under Probate Code Section 13100.

  3. Go to the unclaimed property website and complete the forms.

  4. If you are the only heir, then the California Probate Section 13100 form will be sufficient. Google the small estate declaration 13100 and there are several forms online that you can use. You will need to notarize the small estate declaration and provide a certified death certificate Follow the instructions on the unclaimed property site. It will be a slow process but eventually you should get the money. Best of luck.

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