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How do i collect money owed to me from a civil case i won

Spring Valley, NY |

for 4 years been trying to collect money i am owed, collection agency lost case and judge awarded me money. for 4 years i have contacted them and thier lawyer, only to be ignored
in 2010 the same collection agency had the nerve to try and collect on it again i sent them a copy of the judgement and a letter that i am still waiting for them to pay me.. i thought this would be comtempt on thier part
at a loss as to what to do to collect my money thats owed to me when no one answers me back

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Your questions raises two issues. First, you were awarded a money judgment after a debt collector sued you and lost. The best way to get paid on this judgment is to retain an attorney to assist you in locating potential assets and using legal process to garnish these assets. The second issue you raise is that the collection agency made a second attempt in 2010 to collect on the debt that was the issue of the first lawsuit. Your options with respect to this conduct are very limited because the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has a very short, one year, statute of limitations. You may have longer to file other claims based on New York statutory and common law, but those claims will require that you prove that you have suffered actual damages as the result of the conduct. You should contact a lawyer for further assistance.