How do i claim taxes by being a self employed housekeeper

im 33yrs. old & in school part time. I also clean peoples houses to get some extra cash. How can i claim this & what proof will i need to provide to the IRS ?

Brooklyn, NY -

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Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Bellmore, NY

You declare the income that you earned, and subtract from that your expenses. Additionally, you pay both halves off the self employment tax. I don't think the IRS will require too much proof. For starters, they will be so stunned that a part time house cleaner actually declared income and filed taxes, they'll believe pretty much anything you show them. Its not like they'll have any other tax returns from self employed housekeepers to compare yours with. I congratulate you on your integrity.

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Evan A Nielsen

Evan A Nielsen

Tax Lawyer - Redlands, CA

You won't need proof to claim the income - just report whatever you earned. You'll also want to reflect the expenses you incurred in earning the income - that's where you'll want to proof - bank statements, credit card reciepts, etc. Save them for 4 years to be safe.

Good luck.

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