How do I change my probation officer?

Asked 8 months ago - Orlando, FL

I already got violated by her once my fault!but she tried to put me in prison she was clearly mad I got out and the first thing she say is to ask me when I'm going to pay 144$ I'm behind I just got out of jail I paid for a lawyer I paid all court cost every condition done! I'm broke now I couldn't come up with a time so she got impatient and asked me when she needed to violate me thanksgiving or christmas!I'm shocked,and im scared help please p.s I'm white she's black officer tanner

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  1. Michael Adam Haber


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    Answered . I'm sorry but, frankly, I don't believe your story.

    There is no such thing as a "debtor's prison" in the US (or in FL). If monetary conditions are all that are outstanding then the State can try to violate you, but in order for the Judge to do so s/he will first have to determine that you "willfully and substantially" failed to comply with the terms and conditions of your probation.

    "Willfulness" requires some degree of choice. If you have money and choose to spend it on things other than your Court Ordered obligations then you can be punished; but if you truly do not, and if the State cannot prove that you made such a choice, then you cannot be jailed. The Court can either extend your probation (assuming that there remains statutorily permissible time for such an extension), convert your balance to either a criminal order (in the case of restitution) or community service hours (in the case of monies other than restitution) or s/he may be able to waive the costs / fees / fines and simply terminate your probation (successfully or unsuccessfully, as s/he sees fit).

    My advise to you is to keep accurate records of your finances (income and expenses) and not to sweat it (unless, of course, you are willfully not paying).

    That said, you had better get used to the idea that she, your PO, whether black, white, purple, yellow, orange or blue, has absolute authority over you, and you had better get used to that idea fast.

    Your PO is neither your friend nor your psychologist. She is not there to babysit, cuddle, stroke, soothe, or even be nice to you. Like a great white shark she has only 2 functions in your life: Staying in your grill (until she is satisfied that you are safely on auto pilot) and violating your a** if / when your screw up.

    Probation sucks. I'm sure that you could arrange to do time if you prefer, but if not then my advise is that you had better toughen up, bunker down and be prepared to eat a lot of crow. You may live in Orlando but probation isn't Disney World. Like the commercial says: Suck it up Buttercup. You made your bed now you must sleep in it.

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  2. George C. Mangrum

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    Answered . The only way to get a new probation officer is to move out of the area that the officer supervises. As mentioned earlier, your next officer won't be any more lenient. Other than that make sure that you pay something on the costs each month, even if it's only $10. That way you can show the judge that you are at least trying to comply. I certainly respect what Mr. Haber said about their being no debtors prison in this country, but that doesn't mean that no one is in prison for failing to pay money. Do what you have to do and get the money paid asap.

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  3. Eric J Trabin

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    Answered . You can submit a request to a supervisor in the probation office, but you can't force them to give you a new probation officer. The court does not have the jurisdiction to order which particular probation officer can be assigned to your case. But you can bring this matter to the attention of a supervisor and complain about it, request a new officer, and by the very least create a paper trail that you are having this problem prior to the issuance of another VOP.

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  4. Majid Vasigh


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    Answered . I can assure you that your next probation officer will be just as harsh as this one. Probation is not supposed to be easy. They make sure it isn't. All of em.

  5. Jonathan Burton Blecher


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    Answered . Not paying your monthly costs of supervision may not be a willful and material violation of probation sufficient to send you to jail.

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