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How do I change my daughters hyphenated last name, we are both unmarried, he is in jail and i have a restraining order on him.

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While I was in the hospital, after my daughters birth (she is now 6 months old) I had not intended on changing my daughters last name to his because I did not want this. Her Father knew this but in the hour after she was born he said his family asked him to ask me if I would change it and I said no. He seemed angry. But the next day, I was seemingly ambushed into changing the name. I ended up hyphenating our last names.

Now, I have a restraining order on him for 3 years which was established 2/17/2012. I want to drop his last name from her on the birth certificate. And he's in jail pending a charge. Can I ammend the birth certificate without his consent?

We have never been married.

I have sole custody of her and he gets no visitation till he files paternity as per the judges orders.

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You can petition for a name change for the child but you must serve the father with the petition and he may file a response or objection.

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How do I serve the Father if he is in jail?

Michael John Harrington

Michael John Harrington


the Sheriff can do it ( or if hes in prison, then the prison legal liasion)


You must file a name-change petition at your local courthouse. The clerk should be able to provide you a packet, or sell you one at a nominal cost. It requires notice to both parents if the person whose name will be changed is a minor.

For instructions, you may find this book,, or another book available at your local library, law library, or legal bookstore, helpful.

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