How do I change my child support amount?

Asked about 2 years ago - Warrensburg, MO

My child support from my ex husband is only $1 a month, the court ordered this! My child is now 5 years old and let me say that $1 doesn't cover anything. My ex now lives in new Mexico and has some health conditions of which I am not 100% sure about, all the same he does have income. He will be signing for a $20k publishing company for one of his books soon, so I'm wondering why he only pays $1 a month when I am struggling to keep my utilities on so my son can take a bath every night and stay cool during the summer? Not including clothing and other expenses. This really has reached point where I no longer have the ability to single handily support myself and my son, I'm wondering how to raise the amount he pays and if possible sue for the last 5 years he's only paid $1, which has not helped.

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  1. Patrick William Pedano

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    Answered . Child suppot, like child custody is always modifiable. Therefore, you seek to have the court review and modify your child support award so long as you can show there there has been some substantial and continuing change in circumstance that will effect your child support award. Based upon the very little you have said, it appears as though you have sufficient basis to seek a modification of your child support. A modification of child support can be done through the Missouri Department of Social Services, Family Support Division or through the court that issued your initial Judgment. Often in these cases, not only is there a need to modify child support, but to modify custody as well. Here, it sounds like your ex-husband has moved away, and no longer sees the child. Therefore, not only do you need to review your child support award, but you most likely need to obtain a new custody order which reflects your current situation. If this is the case, then you'll need to seek your Motion to Modify from the Court, as only the court can handle but custody and support, whereas the Family Support Division can only handle support matters. Ragardless, I would seek counsel to assist you with this process.

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