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How do I change a shared parenting plan in the state of Ohio?

Columbus, OH |

Ex husband has moved out of state Utah), and has not notified the court. We have a shared parenting plan for 3 children that makes me the residential parent. Instead of child support, my ex was to pay 1/2 of bills - that never happened on a regular basis because of chronic unemployment or underemployment (you can't blood from a stone), or being a law student (he got kicked out of law school for taking too long and failing a class too many times).

I would like to change the arrangement to me being the custodial parent with my ex paying a set child support amount (that way it can be enforced) and held to a visitation plan with him arranging/paying for the transportation. At this time, I am responsible for 100% of all of the childrens' care and expenses

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You hire a lawyer to make a motion to modify and or terminate the shared parenting plan. Often in these cases it is sometimes better to modify than to terminate; however with him being in Utah this might not be the case. Plans are modifiable or terminable by agreement of the parties and by court order. He may also be in contempt of the relocation notice requirement that is included in all Ohio shared parenting plans. You have a good case. Talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later.

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