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How do I become legally separated to protect my assets?

Valencia, PA |

How do I begin process of legally separating? Dividing assets, living arrangements, spousal waiver, kids, custody, etc. Is there a mediation process?

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  1. Yes you could go through the mediation process if your spouse agrees or you could go see your local experienced attorney for advice. The process usually starts with filing of a divorce complaint which includes counts for custody, support, and division of assets.

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  2. I suggest you get a consultation with a lawyer. The two of you, if you agree to getting a divorce and to a division of the property can enter into an agreement addressing your economic claims. You can also address custody but be aware that custody provisions can always be revisited.

  3. It is not possible to give you specific advice as to the various issues that you raised in this forum. An attorney would need to have significant background information in order to assist you with your questions. There is a mediation process and there are many attorneys who are trained in collaborative law who can help you to resolve your case without litigation. You can educate yourself on this process by going to the websit at By the way, PA does not recognize legal separations.

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  4. You should consult with 2 or 3 attorneys in your area and then pick the one that seems most reasonable. Please make sure whether you want a separation or a divorce.

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