How do I become an International Lawyer?

Asked 10 months ago - Valdosta, GA

I know I have to go to law school but what steps do I take after law school to become an International Lawyer? I plan on taking the bar in Georgia and staying in Atlanta. Is it possible to do international work while staying in an area such as Atlanta or will I have to expect to live outside of the U.S. or move to NY/DC area? (When I speak on international work I mean things such as human rights, trading overseas, etc)

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  1. Golnar Sargeant

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    Answered . There is nothing in particular that you do. You can get an LLM in International Law, but it is not required. Most people I know in this field, chose internships with these types of organizations/firms.

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  2. Edward James Kazaleh

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    Answered . Have a look at for international specials. Europe is nice this time of year...
    Or come visit most of Houston, LA, Miami.....
    Valdosta is such a nice place, do you really want to see the cold cruel world out there?

    There is nothing special... you can quickly do online training at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that administers the International Court of (Commercial) Arbitration online via video and that is a start... send me a post card please. Say Hello to my distant relatives in Valdosta.

    Lots of London law firms are expanding now and some US law firms are expanding there in commercial transactions positions for attorneys and staff there... just look online for positions maybe in an Atlanta firm like King & Spalding. Look at for London.
    You can do internships while or before you are in law school and should also look at the Fullbright programs through the State Department.

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  3. Lucas Seth Michels

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    Answered . You can, but it depends on how much of your practice you want (or can accept) as being domestic. Also, it depends on the specific legal field you choose to practice. International human rights work is usually limited to international centers like New York, D.C., London, Brussels, Geneva, etc. Yet, if you want to do international business law, international intellectual property law, or international trade law, you may be able to practice in most major cities such as Atlanta, however you may need to spend time in NY or DC to gain necessary work experience.

    The best advice I can give is to seek international legal work experience while in law school as this will give you the practical skills desirable to potential international legal employers.

  4. Susan Morath Horner


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    Answered . There is no single route, and it really depends on the kind of international work you want to do. Certainly take as many relevant courses as you can. After that, if your desire is transnational corporate work, then you need to find your way into a large firm that practices globally, at least initially. But if your interest is human rights and rule of law, you would get this elsewhere. The American Bar Association has a number of programs that encourage developing skills in in these areas, and send the lawyer overseas. Personally, I do cross border private client work - estates, real estate, probate, etc. -- I chose to become licensed overseas and build a network of foreign lawyers where we all learn from each other and often refer business. Having other languages helps too. Good luck!

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  5. Christine C McCall


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    Answered . Please take care of yourself by checking out the employment opportunities before you borrow money for the necessary education or forfeit other opportunities. The legal field has 25% fewer employment opportunities now than just 4 years ago, and there is no relief in sight. Read daily to stay on top of this critical issue. If you aren't admitted to a top tier law school and if you don't achieve high standing (top 20%), your prospects for meaningful employment in this narrow legal specialty are very much less than you would believe.

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