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How do i beat a federal conspiracy to distribute narcotics charge?if i cut off communication in an attempt to withdraw

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i fighting a federal conspiracy to distribute narcotics case.i gave the guy two samples but later decided withraw from the situation i cut off all tie and comunication from all found a new job had no intention on continuing to be a part of the conspiracy i just wanted to work my new job was broke and joblees prior in a fragile state of mind.was arrested months after no communication.

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You need a lawyer who has federal criminal defense experience. Don't try to figure it out alone. The penalties are severe for losing that kind of case. It is also complicated and you do not know who has spoken to the authorities about you. Since you don't know their strategy, let your lawyer help you. Good luck with this.

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While your case is pending, you don't really want to discuss your case with anyone but your attorney.

You should really ask your attorney any question you have about potential defenses and his or her strategy in general.

Make sure you also hear what the attorney might have to tell you about potential plea negotiations, so that you will ultimately make the decision that is in your best interest.

I wish you the best of luck.

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You have already put too much info on a public website. No attorney can resolve your case or give you advice in an internet blog post. We would be glad to discuss your case in a free consultation, but you should be aware that like most attorneys who practice Federal criminal defense, my firm would require a significant initial retainer. If you cannot afford a private attorney, the federal defenders assigned to represent those who cannot afford their own lawyers are usually very dedicated competent professionals. Make sure you get an opportunity to sit down with them and discuss your case at length and in detail so you can best examine your options.

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I agree with the other remarks made before mine. However, I'll put in my two cents as well. I handle these types of cases. It sounds as if you have a defendable position. In order for the conspiracy charge to stick the government will have to prove that you were part of it. You need to have an attorney reviewing the evidence and negotiating on your behalf right away. You are welcome to give me a call and we can discuss this.

Joseph Chancellor

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