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How do i argue community interest in property held before RDP with notarized DP docs from a decade ago?

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in Pro Per. affidavits and declarations showing a DP 10 times longer than the RDP. Broke David waiting to be crushed by rich Goliath. Is past abuse an issue or is it all numbers? Short RDP but long relationship with abuser who promised the world. Now looks to continue abuse across the table as punishment. 200,000 plus gross a year and now he raids his company for "loans" and is destitute. Does everything going through a joint account in the past give me any claim? Or promises of support that are documented? even with promises as long as he "poor" I'm screwed? business home and debt. large amount of financed home improvements during RDP.

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I am not to sure what the RDP and DP refers to in the above question. Abbreviations mean different things to different people. But, I am concerned about your ability to handle this matter based upon the emotions demonstrated in the above statement and the acrimony that is present in this divorce. If you are representing yourself In Pro Per, I believe that you are getting yourself sidetracked and it sounds like there are complicated discovery matters that a Pro Per wont' know how to handle. It appears that there might be enough income to pay attorney fees here so I strongly suggest that you seek an attorney to help in this matter. My office can help.



Registered domestic partnership. domestic partnership affidavits and declarations. DV restraining orders. Just trying to file MSC statement. I have no ability to handle any of this. I am an emotional train wreck. Doing my absolute best which is totally insufficient. Buried in debt. Terrified of burying myself in more debt to fight a hopeless fight. Unemployed. Uneducated. Supported. Perhaps I am a malignant victim deserving of all of this. I don't know if I have passed discovery deadlines. Unable to make decisions. think or communicate clearly or relay basic information efficiently. I just want it to be over and refuse to settle although I have resigned myself to failure. Theres only a small desperate piece of me telling me to fight.


What do you mean by RDP & DP ????

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Registered Domestic Partnesthip. Domestic Partnership.

Antoinette Cara Liewen

Antoinette Cara Liewen


You should take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney familiar with Domestic partnerships. The community property characterization begins at registration. But there may be other issues involved with pre-registration assets. You need an attorney !!

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