How do I approach negotiations with a debt collection attorney?

I have received a warrant in debt for an unpaid credit card , and responded at the court date requesting a Bill of particulars, after receiving the Bill of Particulars and before I have submitted my Grounds of Defense the law firm representing the Original creditor sent a settlement offer (more then I can afford to repay). The original debt is for 7000 after fees, interest etc.Their offer was a settlement for 4000, I can after using all available resources only come up with 2000. I do not have any assets and I am trying to avoid garnishment or bankruptcy. I called a local lawyer who only told me he could only assist if I can come up with 3500 lump sum to offer and he also told me not to disclose to the collection attorney where I worked.How on earth would I avoid that disclosure?

Radford, VA -

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Dorothy G Bunce

Dorothy G Bunce

Bankruptcy Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Ross Smith, an Ohio attorney has written a great article about settling credit card debts & I am posting a link to it below.

In civil law, there is no "right to remain silent" but you do have the right to not be stupid & volunteer information you are not asked or lie to a question asked of you. Hope this perspective helps!

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There are different types of debt, but all involve one person (the debtor) owing money to another (the creditor). Terms of repayment are governed by a contract.

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If you are unable to pay your debts, you may have an option of debt negotiation. Negotiating is less harmful to your credit rating than bankruptcy.

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