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How do I answer job application questions about arrests/convictions if my summary offense record was expunged in Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia, PA |

I had a retail theft summary offense expunged 3 years ago. The incident was from 20 years ago. I'm applying for a hospital job and do want to lie on the application but also don't want to be dismissed for 1 mistake I made in my youth. I have been answering "no" for any arrest or conviction questions but am afraid of something showing upon a background check. I googled myself and paid to have a few background checks done and nothing shows up. Even an FBI fingerprint check shows nothing. Am I in the clear or could a hospital do a more thorough background check? It's a very tough job market right now so I don't want to disclose it and be discriminated against. Worst case scenario is getting a job offer and having it rescinded if it appears that I lied on my application.

I meant to say "I do NOT want to lie..."

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  1. You do not need to put a summary offense that has been expunged on your application.

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  2. The granting of an expungement petition is the legal system's way of giving you a second chance. Legally, you have no convictions. You are not lying by providing the legally correct answer. And really, if you decide to disclose the retail theft, what was the point of the expungement?

  3. An expunged record is officially the record that do not exist. You are doing the right thing

  4. The correct answer is "no." The matter has been expunged.

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