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How do find a Release From Liability form for my mortgage company?

Deltona, FL |

My ex husband and I have been divorced for years . We agreed I would keep the house and signed a Quit Claim Deed . I have recently completed a modification on my mortgage with only my information however his name is still on the note . My mortgage company said the only way to remove his name , which gives him access to all my information , is to refinance the mortgage or get a Released from Liabiilty form . I can not find this form . My searches all come up with forms pertaining to personal injury . I can't find the form they are talking about .

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I could be completely off base, but I can't imagine why a mortgage company would release him from your mortgage. This prevents them from coming after him in the event you defaulted on the loan. My experience has been that the mortgage companies don't care who pays the mortgage as long as it is being paid. They are not going to minimize their recourse. Your best bet is to contact your mortgage company and ask them for the form they are telling you that you need. Otherwise, I would ask a lawyer who deals with real estate or foreclosure matters.

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I want him off the mortgage. He has access to all my financial records and any information I submit to them. None of which is any of his business. He his name 's on it then he has a legal right to it and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Unless I refinance or if signs a release from liability.


I agree with Ms. Salcido: There is zero incentive for your mortgage company to simply release your ex-husband from liability. The low-level telemarketers at the mortgage company who answer the phones are paid to feed you with misinformation. If they were serious about the "release from liability form" they should have no trouble providing you with one.

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