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How do deal with parole officer who tries to find any reason to arrest?

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My friend was detained by his PO for failure to follow instructions and failure to register as a narcotics offender . He was released from a parole mandated program and has been out of the program for 3 months . He has had contact with his PO , his supervisor , and an officer of the day . He PO is mad because when he called him to come in at 9 a . m . my friend had to work so he went in late and had to see the officer of the day . The next month he called to see why his PO hasn't visited for the month and was informed he was absconding w / warrant . He went into the office and again his PO wasn't there . He went in the next day and was arrested . Why didn't his PO remind him to register when he seen him before . ? Is he just trying to find a reason to arrest ? Can he file a complaint to Attorney General ?

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You have asked 3 separate questions complaining about a parole officer. This appears to be the first one which asks about why a PO didn't do certain things. No one here can answer that question but understand that the PO has much more power with the state than does your friend. Your friend should be asking any questions he wishes to have answered. Also, his private business should not be put into a public Q&A forum.


To answer one of your questions that Abigail missed, a PO is under no obligation to remind anyone of anything. You should know your obligations and comply with them. It sounds like you have the attitude problem, not your PO.


Your "friend" is on parole, not the PO. The PO is not a babysitter.

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