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How do attorneys help collect on a judgement from contempt ruling for non payment of child support?

Everett, WA |

If spouse who owes back support and judgment for said support is granted to other spouse how can a attorney help collect this? Especially when the spouse owing has no job, no property, works under table jobs, and otherwise hides any valuable property he does have???

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You wold need to hire a collections attorney who has experience in these matters. Collection law can be very time consuming and intensive.

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Is it worth it when you can't get blood out of a turnip?

Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins


You will never know unless you try



Very true. Trying to weigh all Factors. Would the judge order jail time if requested when he still does not pay and how is that enforced? How long do they usually send someone to jail for?


I agree with the p[revious answer and collections generally means you are going to give up a piece of the pie, unlees your judgment has a fees provision. If you know where he works even under the table that will help.

The key to successful collections is information about a “way to go” from the debtor.
The debtor's income stream from wages or contracts needs to be legally intercepted before the debtor gets his or her hands on the money, or after the debtor puts the money in the bank. From contractual writs, to bank writs and attachments, to wage garnishments and attachments are normal points in the income stream that may be intercepted, extreme points are forced sale of assets like a sheriff’s sale.
Bear in mind that if the debtor is eligible for protection under bankruptcy law that is their “get out of jail free card” and can be played when eligible and you will have to pay back anything that you obtained from 90 days prior. An interesting issues is always the age of the account and fresher is better; when the debt hits the statute of limitations you are done.

Once you have a judgment and you can transcribe the judgment into the jurisdiction where the debtor lives or works you can collect.
If you have a judgment you can conduct supplemental proceedings or a debtor’s examination, or in the alternative, you can send interrogatories to the debtor.

If you suspect the debtor has transferred assets subsequent to your judgment and you can prove it, you have recourse under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act if the act was adopted by your state or the debtor’s state or where the assets are located.

You can also turn your account over to licensed and bonded collection agency for about half of the proceeds or hire a collection lawyer to work the account for a time or a percentage.

Good Luck and follow the FDPCA

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