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How do my husband and I start the process of adopting a couples unborn child that they do not want?

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My husband and I had a couple ask tonight if we would adopt their unborn child. She is due in November 2012 and they already have an 8 month old they are unable to support financially.
Between the both of them they already have 9 children. We are unable to have our own child and they know that we want kids. This is something that we want to do but are not sure who to contact or how to get this started. The birth parents want to have papers drawn up and signed before the child is born so they do not have any obligations to the child.
The poor girl was in tears worried that she would have to put the child in the foster care and does not want to do that nor do we. They also stated they do not want any financial gain from the adoption just a loving home for the child.

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  1. You should start by consulting with a local attorney who can review with you the rights, options and obligations of all involved parties. You can find local attorneys by searching among the profiles here on Avvo. Good luck!

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  2. You will need to get with an adoption attorney. Do not throw money at her as she has a right to change her mind. If you give her any money to help her out keep in mind you probably will not be able to get it back if she changes her mind.

    Contact local consel

  3. I agree that you will need an adoption attorney, and I recommend that you check the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys website to find one. If the child is due in November, you should act quickly to ensure that you have enough time to have a homestudy done and the paperwork prepared before the child is born. Good luck to you!

  4. You need to consult with an experienced adoption attorney as soon as possible. I also recommend an attorney from the American Academy. David Broome is located in Mobile and his contact information can be found here:

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