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How difficult would it be to get child Endangerment charge dropped down to a misdemeanor

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My husband left 1 year old son in car to turn in an employment application for fiveI minutes and he got out was in parking lot im the only one working barely making ends meet we had no baby sitter couldn't afford one he was only trying to help and provide for his family without thinking a aimlessly mistake

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Realistically, without there being more to that situation (leaving the child in the car in a hot day for a longer time period, usually), that's a Class C misdemeanor violation, not a felony. As to how much trouble he'll have to go to to get it reduced (assuming those extra facts aren't there that would make it hold up as a felony), that I can't say, but I am pretty confident that without more, it won't hold up as a felony.

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Cynthia Russell Henley

Cynthia Russell Henley


Having recently handled one of these, I don't totally agree. The real problem is the vast difference in the offenses - it is almost impossible to get a prosecutor to drop a felony case of this nature down to a Class C. As I was told, they'd rather dismiss. However, your husband should discuss with his lawyer what might be done to achieve a no-bill by a grand jury or a dismissal (such as parenting classes, etc.) It is a tough position to be in but imagine anyone coming up on a car in the Texas heat (even in April) that contains a child. . .

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