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How difficult is it to get a california federal unsecured bail bond? And how much are the bonds usually in federal cases?

Fairfield, CA |

Got a call for the judges clerk today regarding my boyfriend. Advised me of the options of bonds in the Federal case. He took down my information and said that I would be responsible for him if a unsecured bail bond was made.

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  1. If you agree to be responsible for an unsecured bond in federal court essentially what you are doing is signing a promise to pay. At the outset it doesn't cost any money. If your boyfriend fails to show up for court you are liable for the amount of the unsecured bond.

    The amount of the bonds vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors. Pretrial services can tell you the amount of the bond they are recommending but you won't know the bond amount until the judge makes the actual order.

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  2. This is an extremely dangerous position to put yourself in. The difficulty would depend on the charges and your credit rating and assets.

  3. I would be very careful if I were you. I would wonder why his parents or siblings are not signing the bond. You could be putting your financial security at stake as well as your relationship.

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