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How cut and dry is recovering loss when car liability insurance lapse?. Car is totalled at no fault of mine.

Metairie, LA |

My auto was involved in a accident. The driver who it my car was at fault. Due to my auto liablity had lapsed, I am told that the one who caused the accident who is covered ..their insurance company is not liable for the cost of the vehicle. Is there and way to recover the loss of my vehicle and medical?. My vehicle worth is under $10k. Medical is also under $10k so far.
Is there a way through this No pay No play law to recoup my losses?
This law makes no sense, except to protect the insurance companies. To give details. The other driver was cited and admitted his fault. By no means was this accident caused by me.
Can I seek legal avenues to make them pay?

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Under the Louisiana no pay no play statute (La. R.S. 32:866) a party involved in an auto accident that does not have liability insurance is barred from recovering the first $10,000.00 of any bodily injury or property damage claim.

However, there are certain exceptions to the no pay no play rule.

I suggest contacting a personal injury attorney in your area for advise on the specifics of your case.

Good luck.


Michael L. Barras

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