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How could someone be charged for attempted larceny when charged with armed robbery at the same time?

Charlotte, NC |

Investigators say 27-year-old @@@@@@ was located in a
wooded area near the CVS on Branchview Drive NE.
He is accused of stealing methadone and morphine from the
pharmacy. No one was injured during the
@@@@ has been charged with robbery with a dangerous
weapon, attempted larceny, possessing a stolen firearm, possession of a firearm
by a felon and two counts of trafficking in opium or heroin.

This happened to my nephew. Is there early release in NC, How many charges are usually dropped in a plea bargain, what are the advantages of a public defender vs. hired counsel, what are the cost to defend him if a plea bargain is taken (ball park). He had been convicted of a previous felony of shooting through a residence and has had several misdemeanor convictions in the past. I understand that there are many variables, but can you give me a ballpark estimate of what he will serve?

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You need to contact an experienced criminal attorney. His past record can aggravate his sentence. The drug and robbery charges are quite serious.
The fact he possessed a firearm is another serious charge and trafficking carries a mandatory minimum sentence.

Sometimes P'S get overworked but there are many good ones. They get rated however on how many cases they dispose of not how many they get found not guilty.

Given the charges pending I would think a private attorney would charge between 15-20 k for his representation.


You asked a previous question regarding your nephew. The only reasonable answer is the same I gave you last time - he needs an attorney. The consequences are simply too severe to answer in a forum like this. Charlotte has a large number of criminal attorneys, and you will be able to compare their services. In addition the District Attorney's office will offer a case specific plea. As for the issue with Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon and Attempted Larceny, you are assuming they are based on the same act. That is unlikely. Perhaps the same chain of events, but unlikely the exact same act. The public defenders office in Charlotte has excellent attorneys as well.


He needs to hire a criminal defense attorney to review the discovery paperwork

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