How could a lawyer help get a traffic ticket dismissed or reduced to a non point violation? How much would an attorney charge?

Asked over 1 year ago - Cleveland, OH

I was following a Semi Truck & the light turned red while the truck was under it. I did not see the light change due to the truck. My name is correct on the ticket but wrong on the online case lookup page.

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    Answered . Whether or not the case is dismissed is in great deal up to the prosecutor. The chances get a lot better if you have a nominal traffic/criminal record and you hire an attorney who practices in that court a lot. I suggest you find a local attorney who practices in that court. The attorney's fee depends on the area, the difficulty of the case, and the attorneys experience. I suggest you call a couple local attorneys and see what they can offer.

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    Answered . As my colleagues have already indicated, a private attorney can make an appearance in your behalf in court and work with the prosecutor to try and reach a resolution on your case that could possibly result in a reduced charge, a 0-point violation, or possibly a complete dismissal. Of course, the court and the prosecutor have to willing to entertain the notion. It also depends on what your driving record looks like and whether the officer is vocal and taking a position on your case.

    By hiring a lawyer, he or she will be able to analyze your case and work with the prosecutor to try and obtain that good resolution. You should contact someone to learn more about how he or she can assist you with your goals. Best of luck to you on your case.

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    Answered . I would suggest you hire a local criminal defense lawyer to handle this for you. An attorney can help you navigate the system to get the best result for you.

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    Answered . It's not uncommon for a private attorney to get a moving violation reduced to an equipment violation or some other "no-points violation." Maybe even a dismissal if you pay court costs. You just have to be willing to pay for that service. If you're driving record is important for your profession, it's likely well worth the money.

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